655 W Placita Quieta
Green Valley, AZ 85622
MLS# 22311659
Status: Closed
3 beds  |  4 baths  |  2710 sqft

As you approach the entrance, an ornate wooden door with exquisite carvings and iron accents greets you, hinting at the beauty that lies beyond. Opening the door, you step into a tranquil front courtyard, instantly transported to a serene oasis.
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As you approach the entrance, an ornate wooden door with exquisite carvings and iron accents greets you, hinting at the beauty that lies beyond. Opening the door, you step into a tranquil front courtyard, instantly transported to a serene oasis. As twilight descends upon this hacienda house, a magical transformation takes place. The fading rays of the setting sun cast a warm, golden glow across the landscape, enveloping the traditional Spanish-style architecture in an ethereal radiance. The hacienda house stands proudly with its stucco walls, a mix of tile & flat roof, and intricate wooden details. As the natural light diminishes, soft shadows begin to dance along the walls, adding depth and mystery to the scene. The warm colors of the house, ranging from creamy whites to earthy tones, blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Nestled behind an intricately designed wooden door, a charming front courtyard awaits, boasting an outdoor tiled fireplace and a pathway that leads to a captivating casita. Situated at the front of the property, a spacious and well-appointed three-car garage stands, complete with an epoxy-coated floor for durability and a long driveway that provides ample space for easy maneuvering and turning around. Moving beyond the garage, a long and well-paved driveway stretches out, leading to a spacious turnaround area. The driveway is wide enough to accommodate multiple vehicles side by side, allowing for easy maneuvering and hassle-free parking. 655 W Placita Quieta, Green Valley, AZ 85622 The combination of the wooden door, outdoor tiled fireplace, and the inviting pathway leading to the casita creates an enchanting front courtyard. This space exudes a sense of tranquility and elegance, inviting you to relax, entertain, and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. 655 W Placita Quieta, Green Valley, AZ 85622 Along one side of the courtyard, a magnificent outdoor tiled fireplace stands as a focal point. The fireplace is adorned with intricately patterned ceramic tiles, reflecting the artistic influences of the Southwest designs. The warm, crackling fire within the fireplace creates a cozy and inviting ambiance, perfect for gathering and relaxation during cooler evenings. Surrounding the fireplace, comfortable outdoor seating is arranged, creating a cozy sitting area. Plush armchairs, a trickling fountain, and even a weather-resistant sofa form an inviting space for conversation or a quiet moment of reflection. Soft cushions and throw blankets in rich desert-inspired colors add both comfort and aesthetic appeal to the seating area. The courtyard is enclosed, providing a private and intimate space. Decorative stamped concrete pave the ground, adding an elegant touch and grounding the area with its natural earth tones. The pathway meanders through the courtyard, inviting exploration and guiding you toward the casita. Upon opening the French doors, you are welcomed into a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors. The doors effortlessly connect the interior living space to the surrounding desert environment, allowing for an immersive and immersive experience. During pleasant weather, opening the doors can create a harmonious flow, inviting cool breezes and the scent of desert flora into the home. Welcome to a magnificent great room, where elegance and comfort intertwine seamlessly. This inviting space features a wood-cased built-in entertainment center, a stylish wet bar with a wine refrigerator, exposed wood beams, and breathtaking views to the outside. As you enter the great room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the focal point—a meticulously crafted wood-cased built-in entertainment center. The rich, warm tones of the wood create a sense of sophistication and blend harmoniously with the overall design of the room. The entertainment center features custom shelving and cabinetry, providing ample storage space for media equipment, books, and cherished mementos. It is meticulously designed to accommodate a large flat-screen television, offering the perfect setup for cozy movie nights or immersive gaming experiences. Above, exposed wood beams traverse the ceiling, adding character and a rustic charm to the room. These beams highlight the architectural beauty of the space and create a visual focal point that draws the eye upward. The natural texture of the wood complements the overall design and adds a touch of warmth and authenticity. The Southwest kitchen is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Beautiful tile backsplashes featuring intricate patterns or earthy tones complement the countertops, adding visual interest and reflecting the region's cultural influences. Recessed lighting fixtures illuminate the space, providing ample brightness for food preparation and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The overall design of the kitchen combines Southwest elements with modern conveniences, resulting in a harmonious and visually stunning space. From the grand ventilation system to the top-of-the-line appliances and exquisite cabinetry, every detail is meticulously chosen to create a culinary sanctuary that embodies both style and functionality. This Southwest kitchen is a masterpiece of design and functionality. With its grand ventilation system, Sub-Zero refrigerator, Wolf oven gas range, island breakfast bar with a dishwasher, and Alderwood cabinets, it offers a perfect blend of style, convenience, and culinary excellence. It is a space where cooking becomes an art form and gathering with loved ones becomes a true pleasure. Adjacent to the dining area, an exquisite wet bar beckons.The bar is thoughtfully designed, with a sleek countertop that provides ample space for mixing drinks and serving guests. The inclusion of a wine refrigerator & ice maker adds an extra touch of luxury, allowing for the proper storage & display of a selection of fine wines. Showcase a collection of stemware and create a sense of sophistication and refinement. As you step into the private media or family room, you are greeted by a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Soft lighting fixtures create a warm ambiance, perfect for unwinding and enjoying leisure time. The room is carefully designed to provide a secluded and comfortable space away from the main living areas, allowing for uninterrupted entertainment and relaxation. Overall, the private media or family room is a dedicated space designed for relaxation, entertainment, and quality time. With its comfortable seating, high-definition audiovisual setup, and thoughtful amenities, it provides a sanctuary where family members and friends can come together to enjoy their favorite movies, shows, games, or simply spend quality time bonding and creating lasting memories in a private and inviting environment. The combination of the framed mirror and custom lighting creates a harmonious interplay between light and reflection. The mirror not only serves as a functional element for personal grooming but also adds depth and visual interest to the space. The custom lighting fixtures cast a soft and flattering glow, enhancing the overall atmosphere and creating a sense of warmth and intimacy. The laundry room with a sink, Kenmore Elite washer and dryer, custom cabinets, and ample space is a well-designed and efficient space dedicated to laundry tasks. It combines functionality with stylish elements, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable laundry experience. The room offers ample storage, convenient workspaces, and high-quality appliances, making it a practical and organized area that meets the needs of modern households. As you enter the grand master bedroom, you'll be captivated by the elegance and grandeur of the space. The focal point of the room is the affixed headboard, which stretches across the width of the bed. It is meticulously crafted and seamlessly integrated into the design of the room, creating a stunning visual centerpiece. A door leads to a private patio, allowing for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. The patio provides a tranquil retreat where you can enjoy the fresh air, bask in natural light, and appreciate scenic views. It offers a private and serene outdoor space to relax, unwind, and connect with nature, extending the overall living space of the master bedroom. Custom mirrors and lighting fixtures adorn the master bathroom, adding a touch of glamour and enhancing the overall aesthetics. The mirrors are thoughtfully designed to complement the style of the room, whether it's sleek and modern or ornate and traditional. They can feature integrated lighting options, providing optimal illumination for grooming and adding a sense of luxury. The master bathroom with tile countertops, a dual vanity, a soaker tub, a rounded walk-in shower, a makeup vanity, custom mirrors, and lighting is a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. It combines functionality, elegance, and personalized touches, creating a luxurious space where you can unwind, pamper yourself, and enjoy moments of tranquility and rejuvenation. Whether it's a dedicated workspace for professionals, a study area, or a cozy retreat for reading and relaxation, this room provides an inviting and inspiring atmosphere. With thoughtful organization, comfortable furnishings, and personalized touches, the office or den becomes a haven for productivity, creativity, and relaxation. The guest bedroom is designed to provide a comfortable and inviting space for your visitors. The room features a well-appointed bed, adorned with high-quality linens, plush pillows, and a cozy comforter. The bed can be a queen or king size, ensuring ample space for relaxation. Stylish nightstands flanking the bed offer convenient storage for personal belongings, and decorative bedside lamps provide soft lighting for reading or relaxing. The walls of the guest bedroom is painted in soothing colors to create a serene ambiance. Large windows allow natural light to flood the room, and wooden blinds provide privacy and control over the amount of light entering the space. The guest bedroom and bathroom provide a comfortable and stylish retreat for your visitors. From the cozy bed and seating area in the bedroom to the well-appointed vanity and bathing facilities in the bathroom, every detail is designed to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable stay for your guests. Continuing along the front pathway, you approach the casita, a separate structure within the courtyard. The casita, typically a smaller guesthouse or private retreat, exudes charm and character. Its exterior features a combination of stucco walls, wooden accents, all in harmony with the Southwest design influences. A queen size Murphy bed offers a practical and stylish solution for maximizing space in a room while providing a comfortable and inviting bed for your guests. Its ability to seamlessly blend into the room's decor and transform from a cabinet or wall unit into a cozy sleeping space makes it an excellent choice for those who value both functionality and aesthetics. Just the right size for your guests! A tiled shower / tub combo. The three-car garage boasts a modern and sleek design, with sturdy construction and an exterior that complements the overall aesthetic of the property. Its spaciousness allows for the storage of multiple vehicles, providing ample room for cars, motorcycles, or even recreational vehicles. With its comfortable seating, versatile cooking area, soothing water features, and thoughtful decorative touches, this desert patio offers a captivating and inviting space for entertaining. It strikes a harmonious balance between the arid desert landscape and the comforts of outdoor living, providing an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. Luxury outdoor kitchens in the Southwest prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. The cabinetry and storage units are meticulously designed and constructed to harmonize with the overall design theme. The outdoor kitchen is seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the property, often blending with the southwestern architectural style. Adjacent to the pool, a luxurious spa beckons, offering a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Slip into the warm, bubbling waters and let the stress of the day melt away as you bask in the soothing embrace of hydrotherapy. With strategically positioned jets and massaging features, the spa provides the ultimate indulgence, allowing you to unwind while savoring the awe-inspiring mountain view. The centerpiece of this idyllic setting is an inviting pool, carefully designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment. Its glistening azure waters shimmer in the sunlight, reflecting the sky and the towering peaks. The pool's shape and size are customized to fit your preferences, an organic and free-flowing form that mimics the contours of nature. As darkness slowly creeps in, the hacienda comes alive with artificial illumination. Delicate lights strategically placed along the exterior highlight the architectural features, accentuating the arched doorways, ornate balconies, and decorative wrought iron elements. These lights, carefully chosen to maintain the hacienda's traditional charm, cast a gentle glow that brings the house to life against the dimming backdrop of twilight. The surrounding landscape adds to the enchantment of the scene. Lush landscape, filled with vibrant flowers and swaying trees, are bathed in the twilight glow. The illumination casts delicate shadows on the pathways, revealing hidden corners and enticing exploration. The illumination spills out from the windows, creating inviting pools of light that suggest warmth and coziness within. Softly glowing hang from the eaves, their warm light gently swaying in the evening breeze. The hacienda seems to exude a sense of tranquility and serenity, as if it holds a secret world behind its doors. Nestled in the picturesque landscape, your backyard oasis awaits, offering a seamless blend of natural tranquility and modern elegance. As you step out onto the spacious patio, the awe-inspiring sight of majestic mountains unfolds before your eyes, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for your private retreat. Nestled in a lush and well-maintained backyard, the golf putting green stands as a meticulously designed area, reminiscent of a professional golf course. The green itself is expertly crafted to mimic the smoothness and texture of a high-quality golf course putting surface. As you ascend the stairs to the observatory deck on top of the southwest house, you feel a sense of anticipation building. As you step onto the deck, you're greeted by a panoramic view that stretches out before you. In the evening, the observatory deck becomes an ideal spot to witness breathtaking sunsets over the mountains. As the sun descends towards the horizon, it casts a warm golden glow, painting the sky with hues of orange, pink, and purple. The mountains absorb and reflect this radiant light, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates your senses. The entertaining patio stretches along the back side of the house, providing ample space for social gatherings and outdoor festivities. The patio features a combination of shaded and open areas to cater to different preferences. From an aerial perspective, you see a stunning Southwest-style house surrounded by a beautiful landscape, boasting a pool, spa, and an inviting entertaining patio. The house and its outdoor amenities blend harmoniously with the desert environment.

Property Description
You have found the epitome of SW Luxury! This stunning hacienda-style house is strategically positioned to maximize the picturesque views of the Santa Rita Mountains. A central courtyard welcomes you with its serene ambiance & captivating features. The courtyard boasts a Southwest tiled fireplace, providing a cozy gathering spot. For additional guest accommodations or a private retreat, a casita is nestled on the property. A spacious 3-car garage offers ample storage space for vehicles, equipment, & other belongings. The gourmet kitchen is a chef's dream, equipped with high-end appliances and top-of-the-line finishes. It features a spacious island, a professional-grade gas range, a Sub-Zero refrigerator, & custom cabinetry crafted from the finest materials. Plz expand for more description!

Address Information
Street #: 655
Direction: W
Street Name: Placita Quieta
State/Province: AZ
Zip Code: 85622
County: Pima
Country: USA
Location, Tax & Legal
Comparable Only Listing: No
Tax Code: 304-54-0030
Tax Year: 2022
Taxes: 5600.18
Taxes For: Dwelling & Land
Legal Description: SOLAR DEL VIEJO LOT 3
Area: Green Valley Southwest
Subdivision: Solar Del Viejo (1-81)
Community: Alamos Estates
Township: 18
Range: 13
Municipality/Zoning: Pima County - CR1
Fire Protection: Included in Taxes
Fema Flood Zone: No
Municipal Flood Zone: No
Contract Information
Current Price: $850,000
Sold Price: $850,000
Listing Date: 2023-05-29
Status: Closed
Co-Op Fee: 3%
Variable Commission: 1
Method of Title: Fee (Simple)
Distressed Info: None
Status Change Info
Off Market Date: 2023-06-01
Pending Date: 2023-06-11
Sold Date: 2023-07-20
Sold Price: $850,000
Sold Price/SqFt: 313.65
Lot Sz Sold Prc/SqFt: 15.56
How Sold: Cash
Showing Information
Directions: Take exit 63 toward Continental Rd. Turn right onto W Continental Rd. Turn left onto S I-19 Frontage Rd. Turn right onto W Placita Quieta. Gate code required call for code.
General Property Information
Dwelling Type: Single Family Residence
Construction Status: Existing
Lot Dimensions: 352.34 x 336.64
Lot Acres: 1.25
Lot Sqft: 54611
Lot Size Source: Assessor
Combined SqFt: 2710
Main House SqFt: 2710
Source of SqFt: Assessor
# of Garage Spaces: 3
# of Covered Prkng: 3
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 3
1/2 Baths: 1
Total Baths: 4
Unit Level: 1
Basement: No
# of Fireplaces: 1
Year Built: 2007
School District: Continental Elementary School District #39
Elementary School: Continental
Middle School: Continental
High School: Optional
Horse Property: No
Horse Facilities: No
List Price/SqFt: 313.65
Lot Size Price/SqFt: 15.56
Remarks & Misc
Geo Lat: 31.836912
Geo Lon: -111.000915
Builder/New Constr.
Builder Name: Dorn
Model Name: Antigua
Other: 2 x 6 Construction
Kitchen Features
# of Ovens: 1
Countertops: Granite
Pantry: Closet
Appliance Color: Stainless
Other: Ice Maker
Primary Bathroom Features
Countertops: Tile
Extra Room
Other: Workbench
Interior Features
Energy Efficient Lighting: All
Interior Steps Y/N: N
Fireplace Location
Other: Front Court Yard
Floor Covering
Other: Wood Plank Tile
Water Heater
Storage Tank Gallons: 40
None: 2 Water Heaters
Electric Company: TEP
Other: Green Valley Water
Garage/Carport Feat
Attached Garage: 1
Conventional: Yes
Paved: Concrete
Exterior Features
Front Faces: Northwest
Subdivision Restrict
Age Restrictions: No
CC&Rs: Yes
Deed Restrictions: Yes
Green Valley Rec: Yes - Has GVR
Association & Fees
HOA: Yes
HOA Amt (Monthly): 99
HOA Payment Frequency: Monthly
Home Protection
Offered: No
Sold Info
Seller Paid Repairs: 1125
Property Features
Stories: One
Construction: Wood Frame
Style: Santa Fe; Southwestern; Spanish Mission
Roof: Built-Up - Reflect; Tile
Living Areas: Family Room; Great Room
Dining Areas: Breakfast Bar; Dining Area; Great Room
Kitchen Features: Energy Star Qualified Dishwasher; Energy Star Qualified Refrigerator; Energy Star Qualified Stove; Exhaust Fan; Garbage Disposal; Gas Oven; Gas Range; Microwave; Prep Sink; Wet Bar
Primary Bathroom Features: Double Vanity; Exhaust Fan; Separate Shower(s); Soaking Tub
Additional Bathroom Features: Countertops/Hall; Exhaust Fan; Shower Only
Laundry: Energy Star Qualified Dryer; Energy Star Qualified Washer; Storage; Sink
Extra Room: Bonus Room; Media; Office
Guest Facilities: Quarters
Interior Features: Ceiling Fan(s); Cathedral Ceilings; Dual Pane Windows; Entertainment Center Built-In; Energy Star Qualified; ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows; Exposed Beams; Fire Sprinklers; High Ceilings 9+; Insulated Windows; Low Emissivity Windows; Non formaldehyde Cabinets; Storage; Walk In Closet(s); Water Softener
Fireplace: Gas
Fireplace Location: Patio
Floor Covering: Carpet; Ceramic Tile
Window Covering: Stay
Technology: Alarm System; Cable TV; High Speed Internet; Pre-Wired Srnd Snd; Surround Sound; Telephone
Main Cooling: Ceiling Fans; Central Air; Dual; Mini-Split
Main Heating: Forced Air; Natural Gas; Zoned
Water Heater: Natural Gas
Gas: Natural
Sewer: Septic
Water: Water Company
Accessibility Option: Entry; Level; Wide Hallways
Security: Alarm Installed; Security Lights; Smoke Detector(s); Wrought Iron Security Door
Green Features: Building Materials
Garage/Carport Feat: Attached Garage Cabinets; Electric Door Opener; Extended Length; Over Height Garage
Patio/Deck: Covered; Deck; Patio; Paver
Pool: Heated; Solar Cover
Spa: Conventional
Fence: Block; Stucco Finish
Landscape - Front: Decorative Gravel; Low Care; Shrubs; Trees
Landscape - Rear: Decorative Gravel; Desert Plantings; Low Care; Shrubs; Sprinkler/Drip; Trees
View: Mountains; Panoramic; Residential; Sunrise; Sunset
Road Type: Paved
Road Maintenance: HOA
RV Parking: None
Exterior Features: BBQ-Built-In; Courtyard; Fountain; Native Plants; Outdoor Kitchen; Putting Green; Shed; Solar Screens; Waterfall/Pond
Lot Features: Adjacent to Wash; Elevated Lot; North/South Exposure
Neighborhood Feature: Exercise Facilities; Gated; Golf; Paved Street; Pickleball; Pool; Putting Green; Rec Center; Spa; Tennis Courts
Assoc Fees Includes: Common Area Maint; Gated Community; Street Maint
Assoc Amenities: None
Terms: Cash; Conventional
Submit With Offer: Earnest Check; Green Valley/Sahuarita Addendum; HOA Addendum; Loan Pre-Qual; On-site Wastewater
Property Disclosures: Insurance Claims History Report; Seller Prop Disclosure
Special Conditions: None
An outdoor kitchen awaits, it is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances & ample counter space. It offers a perfect setting for al fresco dining & culinary delights, allowing you to savor meals while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views. The property features a luxurious pool & spa area, meticulously designed to create a tranquil oasis. The pool is surrounded by a spacious deck with lounge chairs & umbrella, providing a perfect spot for sunbathing & relaxation. The spa offers a rejuvenating retreat, allowing you to unwind & soak away the stresses of the day. Inside the house, a spacious family media room awaits, providing a comfortable & inviting space for entertainment & relaxation. The family/media room is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including a large-screen television & surround sound system, creating an immersive cinematic experience for family movie nights or watching sports events. A dedicated office or den space offers a private retreat for work, study, or relaxation. The office features elegant built-in bookshelves, a desk with ample workspace, & comfortable seating. The large window provides natural light & offers views of the surrounding landscape, fostering a productive and inspiring environment. Perched atop the residence, an observatory deck provides a panoramic view of the Santa Rita Mountains. This elevated platform allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape and enjoy stargazing or simply taking in the stunning vistas. EZ Water system, dual HVAC Zoning, Casita has a Mini Split. This lavish Santa Barbara Ranch Style home is truly a treasure in Green Valley!

Listing Office: RE/MAX Select

Last Updated: July - 20 - 2023

655 W Placita Quieta, Green Valley, AZ 85622 - MLS# 22311659
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